Is Your Tree Functioning Properly?

Root Zone Remediation

As much as 40% of a tree’s mass can lie underground in the form of roots. This lack of visibility often causes homeowners and tree workers to overlook the roots presence and importance in a trees physiology. Roots provide numerous services to the tree including nutrient storage, water, and nutrient uptake, anchorage, and an area outside of the leaf for air exchange. Although numerous factors can affect the roots ability to perform these tasks.

What is Effecting Your Tree

  • Girdling roots – roots from the tree can grow at an improper angle causing them to grow around the main trunk or a large root, preventing it from providing nutrients to the tree, subsequently killing the root.

  • Compaction – The weight of foot and vehicular traffic and even excessive irrigation can over time cause soil to tamp down, reducing water and air penetration to the roots.
  • Too deep – Whether it be a result of grade changes or from plating the tree too deep, trees can sometimes be too far in the soil to effectively exchange nutrients.
How Massachusetts Cares For its Trees

What We Do

Using a specialized air nozzle and compressor called an Air-Spade we can excavate the earth without causing damage to the roots that larger equipment often can. The tool can also be used to

  • Excavate for conduit, pipe, or exploratory excavation when trying to access a gas line when its exact whereabouts are unknown. Using an air spade for these purposes can save nearby plants from damage and not causing undo the damage to the property that other equipment such as excavators will.

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