A strong tree to brace the elements

Structural Bracing

Through complex structures of wood fibers and specialized cells, trees have the ability to hold themselves up for hundreds of years even through the strongest winds and heaviest of snow falls. Although sometimes trees will develop imperfections during their development that can become catastrophic down the road.

Types of Defects:

Cracks – cracks can be seen in some branch unions (places where branches meet). These may stem from the movement of the tree and often lead to failure of the branch.

Cavities – Cavities are described as holes in trees from either an animal or fungi eating the wood cells of the tree.

We can help keep your tree standing

Strengthing Your Tree

The certified arborists at Horticare can recognize these issues and when deemed acceptable can install one of the numerous varieties of structural braces to prevent further failure of the tree. Although there is no procedure that entirely removes the chances of a tree falling, this greatly reduces the tree’s potential for failure and allows clients to preserve trees that otherwise would have to be removed due to the danger they pose. If you feel that this is something your trees could benefit from, schedule your property evaluation today!

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With an ever increasing client list and growing crew, we strive for excellence in arboriculture without ever taking a shortcut. If you need tree assistance, contact us today for a free evaluation!

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