A Healthy Tree that will Last A Lifetime

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning has many benefits other than aesthetic appeal. When completed properly pruning can create a safe environment for your family, allow more sunlight and wind through the crown promoting proper interior growth, create a healthier tree that will last a lifetime, as well as much more. Our employees are trained annually on proper pruning techniques and are constantly updating their knowledge of tree care to provide you with the highest quality service.

Crown Cleaning

Removal of Dead branches, Rubbing, and broken limbs, and ​areas of disease. This is often completed to improve the safety of the tree and to increase the health of the tree.

Crown Reduction

This reduces the height and spread of the tree’s crown through properly placed cuts and removal of specific branches​.

Crown Thinning

This allows more light and wind through the canopy improving the growth ​of interior foliage.

Limb Raising

Raises the lower branches to improve clearance to buildings, pedestrians, and driveways​.

A before and after of a Magnolia that we had the honor to prune in West Roxbury.

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